Sony iPod Speaker Dock Comes with Free Touchscreen iPod (Remote)

Sony iPod Speaker Dock Comes with Free Touchscreen iPod (Remote)


Sony iPod Dock
Part of the trouble with certain iPod speaker docks is that the provided remote control nowhere near duplicates the functionality that you get on your iPod’s click wheel. While they would probably prefer if you bought a Walkman, Sony has an iPod speaker system that comes with a nice bonus.

It’s not quite the same as having a second iPod, but the touchscreen remote seems to better replicate the controls that you get on the iPod itself. The self-charging 3.5-inch touchscreen remote has what looks almost like a click wheel too, so you should have no trouble going through your podcasts, playlists, and all that.

The Sony NAS-Z200iR speaker system has a spot for your iPod, of course, but it’s also got a slot-loading CD player if you’re still into optical media. The whole thing has Wi-Fi and is DLNA compliant, and you can get your music through the available USB port too. The Wi-Fi side means you can stream tunes from your computer.

For the thump, you get a pair of 20W stereo speakers with double neodymium magnets. There’s no subwoofer, unfortunately, so I hope those 20-watters provide enough jump for your house party.

The Sony NAS-Z200iR stereo system with wireless touchscreen remote is listed at about $1,000. A less expensive version without the remote will launch next month.

Source: Gadgetreview