Buy a Hyundai, Get Cheap Gas ($1.49/Gallon)

Buy a Hyundai, Get Cheap Gas ($1.49/Gallon)


In today’s economy, you want to try and save money whenever you have a chance. You may find yourself clipping more grocery coupons than before, but it might be even more fruitful to save your cash at the pump too. Hyundai is cashing in on this by offering cheap gas to anyone who buys a new car in the month of July and August.

In an effort to push some inventory during these summer months, Hyundai will be providing customers with gas at a fixed price of $1.49 a gallon, regardless of what the price on the street sign may read at the time.

If this kind of scheme sounds familiar, that’s because Chrysler had a similar promotion last year “guaranteeing” gas prices at $2.99 a gallon. With the Chrysler program, customers were given a prepaid gas card. With Hyundai, customers will instead be given a separate Hyundai-branded card that will bill them at $1.49 a gallon for 12,000 miles worth of gas.

I don’t see any mention of being restricted to one gas company over another, so it seems that customers have free reign over whether they want Shell, Chevron, or whoever else. Hyundai calculates the gallons used based on the EPA ratings. For all gas that is over $1.49 a gallon at the pump, Hyundai will pick up the difference.

The promotion is being offered to most vehicles in Hyundai’s lineup with the exception of the base model Accent.

Source: LLN