Sports Watch for Sports-Obsessed Fans

Sports Watch for Sports-Obsessed Fans


sportswatchThis isn’t quite as technologically advanced as that Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch or that LG watch phone, but if you’re a big fan of the Boston Red Sox, it’s probably much more valuable. Or any sports fanatic, for that matter, especially if you’re lacking in the smartphone department.

The sports-oriented watch comes with your choice of a variety of sports teams and it’s meant to line you up with the game schedule for your team of choice.

On the “large” LCD screen, you’ll get the usual information like the current time and date, but there’s also a spot that lines up for the next game, including the name of the opposing team. You can also navigate through the menu to view past and future schedules for other teams, as well as your own.

The $80 game schedule watches cover the gamut, offering versions for MLB baseball, NHL hockey, NFL football, NBA basketball, and even NASCAR racing. Find the watches on Amazon.

Source: Gadgetreview