Schedule DVR Recordings Remotely with iPhone App

Schedule DVR Recordings Remotely with iPhone App


attdvrSo, you find yourself out for a romantic evening with your significant other when you realize that you forgot to set the timer on your DVR for How I Met Your Mother. What can you do? Thanks to a new app for the Apple iPhone, you won’t have to worry about things like that anymore.

There are at least three pieces to this equation, but once set up, it should be a reasonably straightforward process. First, you’ll need to have an Apple iPhone, presumably through AT&T. Second, you’ll need to an AT&T U-Verse customer for your home television service. Third, you’ll need to get the new U-Verse TV Mobile Remote Access App for the iPhone and iPod touch.

With these three pieces in place, you can set your DVR recordings wherever you happen to be. Just boot up the app in your iPhone (or WiFi-connected iPod touch), surf your way through the on-screen DVR menu, and set your recordings just as you would if you were sitting on your living room couch.

Using the iPhone app, you can also search with filters and “even look up shows by your favorite actors.” I wonder what else is on with Neil Patrick Harris. NPH is pretty awesome, after all. Oh, and the best part about this AT&T U-Verse app is that it’s completely free. Find it in the App Store.

Source: Gizmodo