Barely-There Thumbkey Flash Drive Boasts 16 Gigs of Storage

Barely-There Thumbkey Flash Drive Boasts 16 Gigs of Storage


buffalothumbI still remember when having a flash drive with four gigabytes of storage was quite the impressive feat, since that was still substantially more than what you could do with a zip drive or some other older technology.

These days, flash drives are our lifelines and they’re getting smaller (and bigger) than ever. Case in point, take a look at the Buffalo Thumbkey. Even though it’ll only stick out from your USB port by a couple of millimeters, this drive can boast up to 16GB of memory.

Seeing how only a little stub will be sticking out from your USB port, you could conceivably leave the drive inserted in your notebook when you toss that laptop into your bag. This will depend on your notebook and your bag, of course, but it could work under a lot of circumstances. It’d be a great companion for your UMPC or netbook.

The 16GB Buffalo Thumbkey USB Flash Drive will be listed at $136 when it hits store shelves at the end of this month. As with so many other Buffalo products, I’m going to guess that this 16GB drive will be largely sold in Japan.

Source: Crunchgear