Long-Term Partnership Forged Between Intel, Nokia

Long-Term Partnership Forged Between Intel, Nokia



A press release was issued this morning, dropping a huge bombshell on the mobile device market. The release isn’t really all that specific as to what it may entail, but we have now learned that Nokia and Intel have formed a “long-term strategic partnership.” That’s one big relationship.

As you may already know, Nokia is the largest cell phone maker in the world and Intel is a dominating force when it comes to processors. By combining their powers, we could be looking at a behemoth bigger than the Transformers’ Devastator.

The goal of this new relationship is to “create an open standard for a new mobile computing platform built upon Linux-based operating systems.” It’s possible that this relationship is looking more at the Internet Tablet and netbook end of the arena, extending devices like the N810. It’s also possible that we could be seeing the beginning of a new Symbian platform for super-smartphones.

As part of the agreement, Intel will acquire an IP license to use a Nokia HSPA/3G modem as part of its future products. This will also integrate and complement the Wi-Fi and WiMAX offerings from Intel.

Source: Crunchgear