Google Android Gets Qik Mobile Video Streaming Too

Google Android Gets Qik Mobile Video Streaming Too


androidqikA lot of the time, we think about how we can get our entertainment and media onto our cell phones. We think about things like surfing the web and streaming Internet radio. Qik is a mobile application that goes the other way, streaming video from your smartphone’s camera in real-time onto the Internet. It’s been available on other platforms for a little while, but it’s now been ported over to Android too.

There’s something to be said about the rise of social media. Using Twitter, we are able to track the thoughts and actions of celebrities and our neighbours alike. Using Google Latitude, we are able to pinpoint the locations of our drinking buddies at any given time. Qik is a natural extension from that.

The Qik mobile video streaming service has been made available for other smartphones, like BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, but Google Android has been left out in the cold until now. If you happen to rock an HTC Magic or a T-Mobile G1, you’re now able to do the video streaming thing.

On a side note, I do find it odd that I can’t find Qik in the Ovi Store (Nokia Symbian S60) when I’m logged into my Canadian account, but it’s perfectly visible from the US site. Does this mean that Canadians can’t get Qik on Android too? If you happen to know, feel free to share via the comments below.

Source: BGR