Video: Talking Dog Collar from Pixar’s Up! Is Real

Video: Talking Dog Collar from Pixar’s Up! Is Real


talkingdog“Squirrel!” Easily one of the highlights from Pixar’s Up! animated movie was the talking dog collar that they placed on Dug the Dog. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could really hear what your pooch was thinking?

As it turns out, that doggie translating collar is very much real and we’ve got the video to prove it.

Not surprisingly, we’re turning our attention over to Japan to find this contraption. Dubbed the Bowlingual Voice Translator, the dog collar from Takara Tomy claims that it can translate the thoughts of Fido into a language that we (assuming you speak Japanese) can understand.

Attaching the plastic toy to your dog, you will be able to hear what he is thinking each time he lets out a bark. Yes, I’m sure it’s perfectly accurate and it’ll tell you about the present he left on your living room carpet.

Technology is amazing, isn’t it? Something like that.

Source: Gadgetreview