Olympus DSLR Tossed in Blendtec Blender: Will It Blend? (Video)

Olympus DSLR Tossed in Blendtec Blender: Will It Blend? (Video)


By now, you’e probably heard about the infinitely insane blenders from Blendtec. These are the behemoths that you’ve seen through the “Will It Blend” viral campaign on YouTube. Well, Tom Dickson is back to his crazy ways, this time crushing a series of devices including a fairly large digital SLR.

Going through the SLR wasn’t quite as smooth a process as he had when he tried to blend an iPhone, but that blender was able to make short work of what must have been a very expensive camera. In the clip, he also goes through a point and shoot and some other devices.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet up with Tom Dickson and the Blendtec crew during CES 2009 in Las Vegas. I was able to witness a live demonstration of the Blendtec blenders and, let me tell you, they’re really powerful (and really loud).

The viral campaign has worked wonders for the company and now they’ve taken it one step further, fostering a relationship with Olympus to promote the new Olympus E-P1. Watch the video through to the end to see how they tie the two brands together.

Source: Crunchgear