Captain Obvious: Limited iPhone 3G S Supply on Launch Day

Captain Obvious: Limited iPhone 3G S Supply on Launch Day


iphoneshortageIn related news, the sky is blue and cows go moo. This really shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise to anyone remotely interested in cell phones, but AT&T made a formal announcement today regarding availability of the hotly anticipicated iPhone 3G S, the newest version of the iPhone family from Apple.

More specifically, AT&T announced that they will have “limited iPhone 3G S in store” on June 19. How “limited” this supply wil be remains to be seen, but they do recommend that anyone wanting the new phone should “pre-order, though, for most certainty/convenience.” This “announcement” came by way of Twitter.

Ironically, although the AT&T Twitter account suggests that you should be placing a pre-order if you want to have the best chance of landing an iPhone 3G S on launch day, what it doesn’t tell you is that they are already sold out of pre-orders for launch day shipment.

As a result, the only real way that you’ll be able to get your mitts on an iPhone 3G S on June 19 is to wait in line along with everyone else. Alternatively, you can fork over the big bucks for the units that will inevitably flood eBay and other online auction sites for the first little while.

Source: Intomobile