Sony W Series is Walkman without Wires, Sort Of

Sony W Series is Walkman without Wires, Sort Of


If you’re the kind of person who uses an MP3 player while at the gym or while going out for a run, you probably already know about the potential hassle that headphone cables can create. That unfortunate tangle is just so inconvenient. The new Sony W Series Walkman seems to address this very concern, because everything is contained within the earpieces themselves.

Some people are saying that the Sony W Series is cordless, but that’s not completely true. There is still a cable that connects the left earpiece with the right one, but there is no cable that must dangle around your neck or into your pants pocket. It’s the same kind of idea as a Bluetooth A2DP headset, but without the microphone or the wireless connectivity.

Weighing in at just 35 grams, this new Sony Walkman MP3 player is quite light as well, so you don’t have to worry too much about the burden of weight. Choosing tracks and adjusting the volume is done through a dial n the right earpiece.

You get 2GB of internal memory, your choice of several colors, and file support for ATRAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, and Linear PCM (WAV) formats. Look for the Sony W Walkman to go on sale in Akihabara and all parts Japan on June 13 for about $110. No word on when (and if) this’ll hit our shores.

Source: Sony Japan