Amazon Canada Loads Up on Flip Video Pocket Camcorders

Amazon Canada Loads Up on Flip Video Pocket Camcorders


The team at Flip Video are officially invading the Great White North, because the full Flip Video Camcorder family is now being offered through Amazon Canada, among other major retailers in Canada. Yes, this includes the recently announced Flip UltraHD pocket camcorder, which can shoot your family memories at a respectable 720p resolution.

If you head on over to, you’ll find that they have all four of the Flip Video Camcorders available for sale, but not all of them are immediately available for shipping. You can pre-order, of course, but they won’t arrive at your doorstep just yet.

On the chubbier side of the equation, you have the regular Flip Ultra Camcorder for $179.99. It’s good for 120 minutes of standard definition video, comes in your choice of four color schemes, and is in stock right now. The aforementioned Flip UltraHD Camcorder is very similar aesthetically, but it offers 120 minutes of HD video for $249.99. It’ll be released on June 1.

The Flip Mino Camcorder is decidedly smaller and slimmer, but you also sacrifice a little in video quality (at least in my experience) and in the amount of storage capacity. The standard definition Flip Mino does 60 minutes of video for $219.99. It ships on June 8. The Flip MinoHD is priced at $279.99, offers 60 minutes of 720p video, and has yet to receive an official Canadian launch date.

In addition to the camcorders themselves, Amazon also has a series of Flip Video accessories, including power adapters and wool pouches.