Nokia Ovi App Store Stumbles into Primetime

Nokia Ovi App Store Stumbles into Primetime


Everybody seems to have a thing for mobile applications these days. The iPhone has its App Store, BlackBerry has its App World, Android has its Android Market… and now, at long last, Nokia smartphones have access to the Ovi Store. The app store for Nokia handsets went live a few hours ago, but it’s not without its initial problems.

As you may recall, I picked up a Nokia E71-2 NAM about a month ago, so I was pretty happy to see the launch of the Ovi App Store. Trying to log into the new store with my existing Ovi account, however, told me that my credentials were incorrect. When I tried to register for a new account, it told me that my username was already taken… because it was. So, I set up a completely new account in the meantime.

That was the first hiccup. The second hiccup is that the on-phone Ovi Store app does not appear to be available in Canada just yet. From what I can tell, users in certain parts of Europe can find it through the Download! section on their Nokia phones, but it’s not there for me yet. As such, the only way I can really access the store is through a web browser.

Loading on my Nokia E71 gives a mobile-optimized site for browsing through the various apps (no fart apps yet), whereas the fuller Ovi Store can be accessed through a regular web browser on your computer. In terms of highlights, there seems to be a pretty snazzy SMS Preview app, an AP news app, and a travel-friendly WorldMate 2009 app. The problem with AP News is that it won’t let me choose a Canadian city for my local news and weather. Argh.

I’m hopeful for the expansion of the Ovi Store in the near future, but as it stands, it’s got quite a few quirks to fix.

Source: E71Fanatics and TechCrunch