A Closer Look at the Tech Inside the 2010 Kia Soul Urban...

A Closer Look at the Tech Inside the 2010 Kia Soul Urban Crossover



The Kia Soul certainly gets more than its fair share of glances, because its outward styling is so unique. It really doesn’t look like anything else on the road, but it turns out that the Korean automaker paid a lot of attention into what went inside the budget-minded crossover vehicle too. This thing is actually filled with quite a bit of gadgetry and gizmos.


John Biehler recently purchased a new 2010 Kia Soul and he too was surprised by how much bang he got for his buck. I’m not a big fan of how the Soul looks, but you have to respect the value. For starters, the in-dash entertainment system also happens to have Bluetooth connectivity for your cell phone. After pairing up, the car takes about 10 seconds to synchronize your phone’s contact list into its own internal memory.

It does this each time it starts up the car and you have the internal system pair with up to five different cell phones. You have the option to use voice dialing, calling out the name of your contact, or you can do “manual” voice dialing by reading out the exact digits. The latter is not available on quite a few in-car Bluetooth systems.


The Soul has the entertainment side of the equation handled too. You may have already heard about the pulsing LEDs in the speaker grilles, but it’s good to see that this car comes with iPod integration as well. To use the iPod, however, you need a special cable from Kia that uses both the USB and 3.5mm mini jack. Thankfully, that USB port is compatible with flash drives too.

All in all, it looks like Kia had the tech-savvy side of the equation covered for most folks. I hope the car side of the equation holds up equally well for Mr. Biehler.

Source: JohnBiehler.com