iPhone to Get Ten More Capcom Games This Year

iPhone to Get Ten More Capcom Games This Year


While it seems that many people at Nintendo refuse to acknowledge the iPhone as a viable gaming platform, the developers of the games have a different perspective altogether. It took them a little while to fully jump on board, but since we’re looking forward to all kinds of iPhone games (like the new Terminator Salvation game), I’d say Apple’s handheld is both viable and profitable. Capcom appears to agree.

Specific details were not revealed jsut yet, but Capcom has announced that it will bringing no fewer than 10 new titles to the iPhone over the course of the next year or so. That’s the current launch plan from Capcom and it’s sounding better than ever fo iPhone owners. Other studios, like EA, are very much on board as well.

So, what games can we be expecting on the iPhone from Capcom? I think a fun action-adventure platformer like Mega Man would be a natural fit. Looking at their main franchises, a Resident Evil game might also be fun, as would a Bionic Commando game.

But the franchise that I would really like to see on the iPhone is none other than Street Fighter. I’m very enthusiastic about fighting games, so just about anything from Street Fighter would be a big win in my books. Shoryuken!

Source: Intomobile