Fido Redesigns Website, Renovates Dog House

Fido Redesigns Website, Renovates Dog House


It looks like Canada’s favorite pooch has received a bit of an upgrade for the summer, because the Fido website has been completely overhauled yet once again. As you may recall, the wireless carrier received a massive overhaul last fall, getting rid of the system access fee and catering to the budget end of the market.

I guess that Fido received a little bit of feedback from the community regarding its website, perhaps saying that the yellow was a little too bold or a little too prominent. In the new design, the yellow is certainly still there, but it seems to be slightly muted and not so much “in your face” as before.

The navigation has also been significantly simplified, since everything can be accessed through the three main navigational links near the top of the page: Shop, Get Support, and Log in to My Account. You can also quickly access to the self-serve section of the site using the right sidebar just as before.

In order to highlight some of its products and promotions, the main field in the middle cycles through three main offers. At this time, you’re told about the availability of $0 phones, $15 monthly plans, and how you can be “smarter than smart” with the old BlackBerry Pearl smartphone.