Celebrating Ten Years of Pantech with SKY IM-U440 Hommage

Celebrating Ten Years of Pantech with SKY IM-U440 Hommage


skyWhile some other cell phone companies have been in business for a little longer than a decade, this is still quite the monumental milestone for the sometimes overlooked firm from Korea. Pantech is celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary with the release of the Pantech SKY IM-U440 Hommage slider phone.

I always thought that it was spelled “homage”, but I guess Pantech wanted to ensure that they could patent the name. In any case, the SKY IM-U440 doesn’t really bring anything novel to the game, instead taking some of the better elements from Pantech’s older library of handsets. For starters, it’s a slider… and a stylish one at that.

Perhaps the most notable feature on the Pantech SKY IM-U440 Hommage is the array of 112 multicolor LEDs placed beneath the screen where you would normally find a five-way navigator. As far as I can tell, this section offers touch-sensitive controls, but the LEDs are there to indicate the phone’s current mode or other pertinent information.

Other specs include a mobile TV tuner, noise reduction technology, two-tone design, dual cameras, microSD expansion slot, and an integrated media player.

The Hommage will be made available to SK Telecom and KTF. No word on price.

Source: intomobile