Hackintosh Netbooks Experience 33% Battery Life Boost

Hackintosh Netbooks Experience 33% Battery Life Boost


Most people who transform their netbooks into Hackintoshes typically do so to gain access to Mac OS X-specific applications and functionality. As it turns out, there is a rather substantial secondary advantage as well.

This isn’t at all confirmed or verified, but it seems that loading up an otherwise Windows-equipped netbook with Mac OS X can boost the battery life on the little computer by up to 33%.

User Dalton63841 from the MSI Wind Forums decided to toss Mac OS X 10.5.7 onto his MSI Wind, one of the more popular netbooks for Hackintosh purposes. Under the Windows environment, the Wind was able to run for about 3:45 using the provided six-cell 4400mAh battery. Switching to a Mac environment, the same netbook was able to get “a shade over five hours.”

He’s not the only one experiencing the increase either. Another forum member reports that this Wind went from about 3:30 to about 4:30 in battery life after “upgrading” to Mac OS X. Does this mean that the OS offers better power management? Does this expand beyond the MSI Wind Hackintosh application?