Rogers Wireless Gets Text-Happier with LG Xenon

Rogers Wireless Gets Text-Happier with LG Xenon


It slides in, slides out, slides in, slides out. Rogers has really been pushing its messaging phones lately and now they’re adding another handset to the mix with the new LG Xenon. These quick messaging phones have become all the rage with people who want full QWERTY keyboards, but don’t want the higher bills and added complexity of a true smartphone.

The LG Xenon appears to be similar to the LG Neon in many ways, since both phones boast touchscreens and slide-out keyboards. There are several distinct differences, however. The LG Xenon appears to be a higher-end device with a larger 2.8-inch 240×400 resolution touchscreen and the QWERTY keyboard is more HTC-like with its keys. The Neon has small circles for buttons, as you may recall.

In its closed position, you’d almost mistake the LG Xenon for a BlackBerry Storm. Just squint a little. Aside from the touchscreen and keyboard, the Xenon also gets Bluetooth 2.0, 80MB of internal memory, microSDHC expansion, 2 megapixel camera with video, accelerometer, and dual-band HSPA.

All that can be yours for just $79.99 on a qualifying three-year contract. If you opt out of the service agreement fiasco with Rogers Wireless, then they’ll sell you the LG Xenon for $279.99 outright. Plus taxes, of course.