Samsung Yepp Popcorn MP3 Player Integrates Free Pedo

Samsung Yepp Popcorn MP3 Player Integrates Free Pedo


Get your mind out of the gutter. I don’t mean that kind of pedo. The latest batch of MP3 players from Samsung come with the cute snack-inducing name, but the Popcorn is also there to help you trim a few inches off the waist.

The Samsung Yepp Popcorn looks like a fairly standard flash-based MP3 player, taking on the usual stick-like form factor that we’ve seen before from the Samsung Yepp line. The one main feature that sets it apart is that the Popcorn comes equipped with an integrated pedometer.

This pedometer will work when you go for a walk or even when you hop on the bike for a ride around the park. This way, you can have an easier time tracking your exercise routine while listening to your favorite music tracks.

You’ll also notice that the (possibly OLED?) display is extremely high-contrast with its black-and-white appearance. Presumably, these screens will be easier to read under both extremely bright and partially dim conditions compared to the possibly prettier full color screens.

And that little pedestrian icon will keep you motivated as it walks with you, right? Right.