MotoMap Motorcycle GPS System Powered by E-Ink and Solar Panels

MotoMap Motorcycle GPS System Powered by E-Ink and Solar Panels


Up until now, many GPS systems for motorcycles have proven to be a point of frustration for bike riders. The mounting systems leave much to be desired and so many of the touchscreens aren’t rider glove-friendly. Designer Stephen Dettman has come up with an interesting navigational solution for bikers that overcomes many of these concerns.

For starters, the mounting system doesn’t involve some complicated bracket and stand thing that locks onto the handlebars. Instead, the entire device (including the screen) mounts like a fabric over the fuel tack. How can it do this? Rather than using a conventional LCD, the screen on the MotoMap GPS Device for Bikes uses a flexible e-ink display.

Realistically, given the size of the screen, you won’t need to refresh the display too often to get accurate mapping information. Further still, the e-ink display can more easily overcome the glare issues associated with conventional LCDs.

To keep as green as possible, this motorcycle GPS system is solar-powered. The panels aren’t visible while you are riding, but you simply flip the thing over when you are parked at a rest stop. I suppose if you’re wary of theft, you can detach the straps altogether and latch the GPS unit on your backpack when you park your bike.

The MotoMap GPS Device for Bikes is just a concept for now, but wouldn’t it be awesome if something like this was integrated into the motorcycle right out of the factory? Jesse James, I’m looking at you.