Amazon Kindle 2 Gets Dash of Colorful Personality

Amazon Kindle 2 Gets Dash of Colorful Personality


If you’re willing to cast aside the larger Kindle DX for just a moment, the recently released Amazon Kindle 2 is getting an update too. Would you be at all interested in adding some color to Amazon’s e-book reader? Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that a color upgrade for the Amazon Kindle 2 is now available. The bad news is that the upgrade has absolutely nothing to do with the grayscale e-ink display. Instead, we turn our attention to the guys at ColorWare for some bold new paintjobs. The Kindle 2 can be customized by the ColorWare crew, just as they do to a variety of other portable electronics.

You can choose from a number of solid and metallic color options, including the ability to mix and match to your heart’s content. The color treatment includes the entire front bezel, the front buttons, the entire keyboard, and both sections of the back. It’ll still look like an overgrown (EDGE) iPhone from the back, but it’ll be colorful.

If you send in your own Amazon Kindle 2, Colorware will dash it up with some personality starting from $199. If you’d prefer to buy a brand new e-reader from them, the personalized Kindle starts at $599. Expect delivery in two to three weeks.