Rogers Confirms Google Android Phone for June 2

Rogers Confirms Google Android Phone for June 2


Up until now, the Great White North has been left out in the cold. Sure, Canadians could buy the developer’s version of the T-Mobile G1, but the AWS 3G band doesn’t work up here and you wouldn’t get any sort of official support from anyone. That’s all about to change.

Just as it took about an extra year for Canadians to get the iPhone, it’s going to take about an extra year for Canucks to get Android. Rogers has confirmed that they’re doing the ‘droid thing starting June 2nd. That’s less than a month away, so mark your calendars and save your bucks.

What we once knew as the HTC Dream G1 and later as the T-Mobile G1 will be heading to Rogers simply as the HTC Dream. The AWS radio will presumably be ditched in favor of a dual-band HSDPA 3G radio for high-speed wireless data. But wait. There’s more.

In addition to the QWERTY-packing HTC Dream, Rogers will also launch the HTC Magic. This is essentially the Dream but without a QWERTY keyboard, offering a full touchscreen interface not unlike what you find with the iPhone. It’s unclear whether the HTC Magic will launch at the same time as the HTC Dream.

Canadians will soon be offered quite a bit of choice when it comes to cell phones. We’re already bombarded with lots of BlackBerry devices and a fair number of Windows Mobile smartphones, but we’re also getting Google Android (from Rogers) and the Palm Pre (from Bell).