AT&T iPhone Plans Getting Ten Bucks Cheaper

AT&T iPhone Plans Getting Ten Bucks Cheaper


Are you totally in love with your Apple iPhone but not at all in love with the bill that comes in the mail every month? Perhaps providing a little recession relief, it seems that AT&T may be cutting down the price for its iPhone service plans.

They haven’t confirmed it yet, but AT&T is reportedly considering the possibility of making their iPhone plans cheaper. This price cut for the monthly service charges would likely coincide with the launch of the next-generation iPhone, which we expect to see at WWDC next month.

According to this report, AT&T and Apple are “under enormous pressure to sell more iPhones.” A lot of people like the phone itself, but they don’t feel they can handle the increased costs over the span of a 24-month contract. As such, the $69 entry-level iPhone plan could become a $59/month plan.

Ten bucks might not sound like a lot of money, since that’s only about 30 cents a day, but this works out to $240 (plus tax!) over the course of a two-year service agreement. I think we could all use an extra two hundred bucks.