Rumored Nokia E71i Smartphone Brings 5MP Cam to the Mix

Rumored Nokia E71i Smartphone Brings 5MP Cam to the Mix


Now that I’ve been living with the Nokia E71-2 NAM smartphone for a week or two, I can say that I’m pretty happy with how things are going. Staying in touch with mobile email and Twitter is fantastic, but there is at least one area that’s lacking: the camera.

As if the upgrade to the Nokia E71x from AT&T wasn’t enough, it seems that a new Nokia E71i is in the works and it’ll boast a new 5 megapixel camera.

The Nokia E71 and E71x both come with 3.2 megapixel cameras. The resolution is just fine, but the picture quality leaves a little to be desired. I’m not sure if a push to 5 megapixels will make things much better, but it can’t really make things worse, can it?

Aside from the inclusion of a new camera, it sounds like the Nokia E71i smartphone will be much the same as the E71 and E71x. It’ll have the same slim profile and same QWERTY keyboard. It should also come with S60 3rd Edition FP2, just like the E71x.

If you’d rather not sit around and wait for the possibility of an E71i, it seems that the cheaper Nokia E63 is now available in black. Or at least it will be soon.