Urban Elecite Theme for BlackBerry Docks at an Angle

Urban Elecite Theme for BlackBerry Docks at an Angle


Just because we use our smartphones for productivity purposes, like e-mail and calendar management, doesn’t mean that we don’t want to have a little fun along the way. A fun way to do this is with a funky fresh theme for your handset.

Most BlackBerry themes involve new color schemes, background images, and icons, but the new Urban Theme from Elecite is something different altogether. Rather than docking your most-used applications along the bottom of the screen, these (eight) icons are shoved over to the bottom-right corner at an angle.

This angular approach is entirely different from the default theme, almost making it feel like you have a new phone altogether. Part of the reason why the Urban Theme for BlackBerry does this is so that the urban landscape background image can be more easily seen and enjoyed.

And it’s not like you’ll be stuck with just a single cityscape either, because the Urban Theme comes with 10 rotating wallpapers. You can see almost the entirety of these urban images thanks to the unique docking configuration.

The Urban Theme is available for the BlackBerry 89xx, 90xx, and 95xx series. Pick it up for $5.99.