Sliding in Style with Sony Ericsson T303a from Fido

Sliding in Style with Sony Ericsson T303a from Fido


Just because the “new” Fido is a budget-minded brand that competes directly against the Koodos and Virgins of the world doesn’t mean that the poor pooch is completely devoid of new phones. While you probably won’t see any new high-end smartphones at the dog house any time soon, you can still get a dash of style with the arrival of the Sony Ericsson T303a.

This slider phone is far from hitting the upper echelons in terms of features or functionality. I wouldn’t consider it a mid-range phone either. The Sony Ericsson T303a is very clearly an entry-level phone, but at least it looks pretty good doing it. The slider looks pretty sweet for the price.

In terms of specs, you get a basic 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, integrated FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 1.8-inch 128×160 pixel display. It’s got the basics covered and it won’t destroy your wallet in the process.

Find the T303a through Fido for just $10 on a two-year service agreement. Opt out of the contract or go with the prepaid route and this phone will run you a cool $100.