Pre-installed Video Editor Coming to Next Apple iPhone?

Pre-installed Video Editor Coming to Next Apple iPhone?


And the list of features on the next-generation iPhone continue to grow. We’re reasonably certain that the new iPhone will be able to record video, but it seems that it’ll have a video editor on board too.

On the Nintendo DSi, you get a rudimentary photo editor to go along with the integrated camera. You can fumble around with different effects and have some fun with your pictures. It seems that Apple will be taking this same kind of idea, but adapting it to the videos that the new iPhone will be taking.

There are a few other smartphones and feature phones on the market today that have some really basic video editing capabilities, but these tend to be very resource heavy and totally lacking in features. Seeing what Apple was able to do to revolutionize our mobile web surfing experience, mobile video watching experience, and mobile music listening experience, a good video editor on the go could be a huge innovation.

Can you imagine being able to do a quick edit to your videos before wirelessly uploading them to YouTube? A mobile version of iMovie? The possibility of an iPhone video editor comes courtesy of Peter Burrows from BusinessWeek. While there are more than a few patent filings out there, nothing has been confirmed until someone from Cupertino takes the stage and tells us that there is just “one more thing.”