Boost Mobile Officially Announces Motorola Clutch i465

Boost Mobile Officially Announces Motorola Clutch i465


The iDEN market is a very niche market, since most people aren’t really all that interested in push-to-talk nor are they are particularly interested in especially rugged cell phones. Since it’s a niche market, the iDEN folks don’t get as many choices, but Boost Mobile folks will soon have one more phone to consider: the Motorola Clutch i465.

When it comes to most of the Motorola iDEN phones, you only get a standard numeric keypad. That’s fine for making phone calls, but sending emails and text messages can be a bit more of a hassle. The Clutch i465 alleviates this concern with the inclusion of a full QWERTY keyboard.

Yes, even people in construction like messaging, so having that full keyboard makes those SMS and email notes a little easier to send along. There’s also push to talk, of course, as well as threaded SMS/MMS, POP3 email support, Bluetooth, and a VGA camera.

The announcement of this phone is official, but don’t expect Boost Mobile to push this handset onto shelves until the second quarter of this year. So, you know, in the next couple of months or so.