Experiencing the Nintendo DSi with Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD Card

Experiencing the Nintendo DSi with Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD Card


Although I am not buying a Nintendo DSi yet, it seems that a lot of people are buying Nintendo’s latest gaming handheld. Some of the new features are quite notable, but it’s when you expand upon them that you really start to see the value in the new device.

As you may already know, the new Nintendo DSi comes with a pair of integrated cameras, but what if you want to instantly share those pictures with your friends on the web? The strange thing is that while the DSi has Wi-Fi, you can’t upload pictures to the Internet directly from the DSi (yet). John Biehler tried a workaround involving the Eye-Fi SD card.

By default, the pictures taken by the DSi’s cameras can be saved onto an SD card, but using Eye-Fi, you can send those pictures instantly to your Flickr account too. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Eye-Fi can only be associated with a single Wi-Fi access point and changing those settings requires a computer.

Thankfully, the upload process is very speedy, since the DSi pictures are only 640 x 480. It’s effortless once you have it set up, but realistically, Nintendo should release some sort of DSiWare app that does the same thing without the need for an Eye-Fi card.

If you’re looking for more fun out of your DS Lite or DSi, check out Biehler’s post on the DS Twitter client. While you’re there, be sure to follow me on Twitter too.

UPDATE: It seems that you can add as many SSIDs as you want to the Eye-Fi card and it will automatically select the available hotspot. That overcomes perhaps the biggest issue with this configuration.