Track Your CrackBerry Addiction with New BlackBerry App

Track Your CrackBerry Addiction with New BlackBerry App


There is a reason why the smartphone line from Research in Motion is affectionately known as the CrackBerry. People are addicted to those things, but just how far does this addiction go?

If you’re wondering just how addicted you are to your favorite email- and web-connected smartphone, wonder no longer. You can now gauge your CrackBerry addiction with a new BlackBerry application. Yes, I get the irony of the situation.

The appropriately dubbed “I Love BlackBerry” app logs the time you spend on your BlackBerry. It looks into your active time spent and even breaks it down into how much time you spend during work hours versus the time you spend on nights and weekends.

I suppose you’re justified for checking email frequently on the company’s time, but maybe not so much when you’re supposed to be having a romantic dinner with the wife. That’s not a good idea. Believe me.

You can grab the OTA download at or you can send it to your PC instead.