Windows PCs Get Time Machine via Seagate Replica

Windows PCs Get Time Machine via Seagate Replica


There are a lot of reasons why you may consider taking the leap over to a Mac and one of those is the availability of the convenient Time Machine. Using this, you are able to get a complete backup of your computer, restoring to any point in the past should something get accidentally deleted or if something happens to go awry. What about the Windows peeps?

If you’re rocking a Windows-based PC and looking for a Time Machine-like solution for your computer, you now appear to be in luck thanks to the good people at Seagate. The all new Seagate Replica works just like Time Machine, copying the entire contents of your hard drive onto its own internal drive.

Everything is perfectly seamless as your computer keeps track of any changes you make. If something gets deleted, you can restore it from the Replica. According to BoingBoing Gadget’s Rob, everything works perfectly and this backup solution couldn’t be easier to use. There’s also a boot CD here in case your whole system crashes and burns.

The 250GB Seagate Replica sells for $130, whereas you’ll need to fork over a cool $200 if you want the 500GB variant.