REVIEW – Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 Vibrating Alarm Clock

REVIEW – Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 Vibrating Alarm Clock


I’m not a morning person. I’m the kind of guy that will set an alarm and hit the snooze fifteen times before grudgingly rolling out of bed. I guess being a freelance writer provides for a certain level of flexibility, but what about those days that I really need to get out of bed by a certain time? Missing a flight can be a huge pain in the rear end.

If you’re like me and have a hard time waking up in the morning, just any old alarm clock won’t do. You need something much more powerful like the Sonic Shaker SBP100 vibrating alarm clock from Sonic Alert. This thing really is an earthquake in a (large) hockey puck-sized device.

Features At A Glance

Sonic Alert is a company that largely caters to the hearing impaired market, coming out with a series of devices that help these people who have trouble hearing. Even so, many of these products are perfectly suitable for people with healthy levels of hearing as well. The Sonic Shaker SBP100 is one such product.

Looking at the official feature sheet, you get:

– Most powerful vibrator.
– New test button. Push to test batteries, vibrator and sound operation.
– Easy to set function keys.
– Easy to read .75” display.
– One year Sonic Alert warranty.
– Standard size batteries included.
– Travel case with pillow clasp included.
– Continuous four minute Snooze setting.
– Swivel & flush mounted display protects settings.
– Manually lighted display up to 50% longer battery life.
– Complete with a loud 90db volume.

This is a portable travel alarm clock and not only does it let out a deafening 90dB alarm, but it also vibrates like a caffeine-laden Mexican jumping bean.

Designed with Travelers in Mind

When you get to most hotels, you will be offered the option to use some generic alarm clock. You may even opt to get some sort of wakeup call from the front desk. Both of these options are fine for regular people, but what about people who just can’t be convinced to get out of bed? The Sonic Shaker SBP100 from Sonic Alert is small enough that it will easily fit into any travel bag.

It’s not that much bigger than a hockey puck and it runs off its own set of batteries. A couple of batteries are used to power the vibration motor and a couple more are used to power the alarm clock itself. Battery life appears to be quite good, so you won’t need to replace those things very often.

Further still, you’ll notice that the main display, which is simple but effective, can be tilted up to give you a good view of what time it is. The display itself is not backlit, but the snooze button doubles as a light button. This further extends the battery life.

That’s One Loud Alarm

If you want an alarm clock that is remarkably loud, this’ll do the ticket. Sure, you could get another alarm that will wake you up to the radio or iPod-sourced tunes, but those can just lull you back to sleep.

The Sonic Shaker is just plain annoying. Beep! Beep! Beep! Even the heaviest of sleepers won’t be able to sustain the absolute annoyance of this beeping. The 90 decibels that this thing puts out is roughly equivalent to a lawnmower.

That’s One Crazy Vibrator

Loud is one thing, but it’s the built-in vibration motor that sets this alarm clock apart from the conventional stuff. This comes from Sonic Alert’s focus on the hearing impaired. There is a pillow clip included so the Sonic Shaker can be clipped to your pillow. Can you imagine having your pillow vibrate madly? Try sleeping through that.

Personally, I don’t want to get my head rattled, particularly if I might be slightly hung over from the night before. (Las Vegas can be a lot of fun.) When I’m traveling, sticking the Sonic Shaker on the table can be remarkably effective. It makes this excruciating rattle, so I’m forced to get out of bed and walk over to the table to shut it off.

Never Sleep In Again

The build quality won’t win any awards. The aesthetics aren’t exactly revolutionary. The snooze button for the green light can be somewhat hard to find. No, the Sonic Shaker isn’t the most polished or fashionable of gadgets that you’ll find on the market, but it could be one of the most valuable items you toss into your travel bag.

Combining a maddening vibration motor (let’s keep this clean) with a very loud 90dB beeper makes for one crazy alarm clock. If you can sleep through this, even a Terminator-level apocalypse won’t wake you up.

The Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 vibrating alarm clock is listed at $29.95.