Mobile Google Product Search Helps You Shop for Deals (Video)

Mobile Google Product Search Helps You Shop for Deals (Video)


Before I go through with any major purchase, I do a little bit of comparison shopping online. I’ll read up on reviews, choose which product I like the best, and then look for the best price in my area (or online). That’s all well and good, but what can I do when I’m away from home?

Some people are already familiar with Google Product Search and now the handy shopping tool has taken the leap to the mobile realm. Everyone’s favorite search engine has now released a special version of Product Search for the iPhone and Android-powered handsets.

The mobile version of Product Search uses JavaScript for the drop-down menus, reducing any data lags that you may experience on your smartphone. It starts with the standard Google search bar and proceeds to showing shopping results. You get a price comparison with price, availability, seller rating, and other such criteria.

To give you a better sense of what to expect from the mobile version of Google Product Search, check out the demo video below that shows you how to buy lava lamps on the go.