Statue of Liberty Frees Your USB Data

Statue of Liberty Frees Your USB Data


They’re not french fries; they’re freedom fries. By the same accord, they’re not USB flash drives; they’re USB freedom drives, especially if this new product from Super Talent is to be taken literally.

Most USB flash drives take on the familiar “stick” form factor, but not this one. Instead, Super Talent has created a USB flash drive shaped like a miniature Statue of Liberty. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside of that statue and inside of the base in New York City, now you do: it’s all of your stored porn business documents.

Yes, this can easily be interpreted as one huge gimmick and a great way to cash in on American patriotism, but it’s a relatively impressive work of art. Super Talent says that they have put in a “great effort” to ensure that this drive is a perfect replica of the original statue.

As you can see, you gain access to the USB connector by detaching the robed lady from her standing base. Capacities range from 2GB to 8GB. It’s still a little way out, but I’m thinking that a Statue of Liberty USB flash freedom drive would be a great gift for the Fourth of July.