Secondary LCD on Sharp Mebius NJ70Z Netbook Acts as Trackpad

Secondary LCD on Sharp Mebius NJ70Z Netbook Acts as Trackpad


Some people might say that the netbook market is starting to get a little stagnant, but you don’t have to look any further than the Sharp Mebius NJ70A to find a huge splash of innovation.

Sure, another netbook may have a multi-touch trackpad, but the Mebius NJ70A takes it several steps further, replacing the conventional trackpad with a small LCD display instead. This secondary screen has an optical sensor, working just like how a regular trackpad would work, but it can be used to show off all sorts of secondary applications.

For example, the trackpad can be transformed into a touch-based piano, complete with the appearance of the virtual keys. On a slightly more productive note, the trackpad can change into a touch-based calculator. Under regular circumstances, it’ll do what a regular trackpad does… only better.

Aside from the LCD trackpad, the Sharp Mebius NJ70A is pretty conventional with its Atom N270 processor, 10.1-inch screen, Intel 945GSE Express chipset, 160GB HDD, and built-in webcam. I’m thinking this will largely be Japan-only, but you could try importing it to totally one-up your Eee and Wind-touting buddies.