First Look at Flash Zune 3rd Media Player

First Look at Flash Zune 3rd Media Player


It doesn’t make perfect sense why Microsoft would call this latest device the Zune 3rd, since it is really only the second-generation flash-based Zune, but here it is. This isn’t an official promotional shot of the upcoming music player, but the aesthetics are well in line with what Redmond, Washington may produce.

I guess the Zune 3rd name is justified since this is really the third generation Microsoft Zune, but the first generation did not include a nano-sized flash-based Zune. The first-generation Zune was only the larger number and it was when the second-gen came around that we were introduced to the Zune 4/8/16.

Just as that first “Flash” Zune mirrored the look of the previous generation Apple iPod nano, it seems that Zune 3rd will be in line with the current fourth-generation iPod nano. The edges are a little rounder and the display has a much wider aspect ratio, presumably for landscape-oriented video watching. The Zune Pad remains intact.

There’s no word on when (and if) this new Microsoft Zune will hit the retail channels, but I’m betting on a simultaneous launch with the rumored Zune HD that we spotted last week.