Custom Themes and Titanium Plug-Ins for Windows Mobile 6.5

Custom Themes and Titanium Plug-Ins for Windows Mobile 6.5


The current build of Windows Mobile is perfectly functional, but many people have complained about the lack of a user friendly interface. It’s not aesthetically attractive, they say, and it’s not the easiest thing to use. Microsoft hopes to change our perceptions of their OS with Windows Mobile 6.5.

The mobile OS update has been a long time in the making and more details are slowly being revealed about what WM 6.5 will have to offer. Most recently, we are getting a look at some custom themes and the inclusion of “Titanium” homescreen plug-ins. We love the ability to customize our phones and these inclusions should help.

Personally, I think Windows Mobile 6.5 looks like a more robust version of the Zune interface. he text is quite large and you can apparently scroll vertically through the various sections on your smartphone. Swipe to pictures, music, fave people, e-mail, and more.

This sliding-panel homescreen is known as Titanium and WinMo 6.5 will support plug-ins for this interface. “TitaniumWeather” is one such plug-in and it provides instant weather report. This would be similar to the weather widget on Android phones.

With older “themes” for Windows Mobile, all you really got were a few changed colors. With Windows Mobile 6.5, the themes are much more robust, including custom icons, badges, colors, and background images. Some of these new themes look pretty darn good. That said, I’m more interested in Windows Mobile 7.