External USB Trackpad Boasts Multi-Touch Gestures

External USB Trackpad Boasts Multi-Touch Gestures


Carrying an external mouse to accompany your laptop is nothing out of the ordinary, but have you considered carrying an external trackpad? Your notebook already has a trackpad, so why would you want a second one? Maybe you’re connecting it to a desktop and you prefer trackpads over mice?

All of these are perfectly valid questions and they can seemingly be answered by the new SmartTrack Neo. This is an external trackpad that connects to your computer (laptop or desktop) via USB. The kicker is that it has full support for multi-touch gestures, just like what you would get on a Mac. PC guys can do multi-touch too.

Yes, I know that the Asus Eee PC 1000HE has a multi-touch trackpad, but most other PC notebooks aren’t quite so lucky. With the SmartTrack Neo, you can use multiple fingers for vertical and horizontal scrolling, rotation, zooming in and out (pinch and stretch), and even web browsing (back and forward).

From what I can tell, the Filco SmartTrack Neo is a Japan-only device and there’s no explicit mention as to how much it costs, but it does seem like a cheap and simple way to get into the multi-touch game. Then again, is multi-touch really worth having yet another USB peripheral dangling from your Dell?