Motorola Does More of the Same with MOTOROKR W6

Motorola Does More of the Same with MOTOROKR W6


Ask most people in the cell phone industry and they’ll tell you that Motorola is hurting a little compared to what some of the other companies are doing. You’ve got Apple pushing the cool envelope, Samsung shoving great cameras into their handsets, and so on. Over at Motorola, it seems they’re still trying to cash in on the RAZR.

If you’re expecting something completely revolutionary from Motorola today, you may be quite disappointed. That’s because the MOTOROKR W6 really is more of what you’ve already seen from the big M.

The W-series flip phone will look very familiar, including the operating system and spec sheet. It does come with a couple of extras that set it apart from other Motorola phones though. The MOTOROKR W6 has been designed for sports enthusiasts, so it’s got sporty features.

Among the highlights are integrated training software, a stopwatch application, calorie trackers, and lots of music functionality, including MOTOID for music identification. Other features include A2DP Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera.

The launch is planned for Mexico, but the ROKR X6 will probably make its way to Canada and the United States at some point too.