Apple Contracts 15 Companies to Build Next-Gen iPhone

Apple Contracts 15 Companies to Build Next-Gen iPhone


Most of us know that a new iPhone will be coming in a couple of months or so, but very little in terms of details have been made available for public consumption. If you ask anyone in Cupertino, they may confirm the existence of the next-gen iPhone, but they won’t tell you anything more than that.

While we are still left guessing as to what the new iPhone will bring, we have come across the list of suppliers that will be providing the various required parts for the new phone. The list is quite long, understandably, given that it is a fairly complex device.

As you can see here, it seems that Apple has contracted about 15 different companies to provide the components. The camera comes from Largan Precision, the flash memory from Samsung and Toshiba, and the aGPS from Infineon.

Some time ago, we caught word of the 3.2 megapixel camera from OmniVision and this has made the leaked list of suppliers as well.