Verizon to Swing with Nokia Swivel QWERTY Phone?

Verizon to Swing with Nokia Swivel QWERTY Phone?


Some people like flip phones. Other people prefer touchscreens. Others still are much more inclined to grab a slider. One form factor that never got all that ubiquitous is the rotating swiveler, but that could change with the arrival of a Nokia QWERTY Swivel Phone for Verizon Wireless.

Shown here is a rough mockup provided by some insider ninjas. Very few details are being provided about the unnamed handset, but this rough sketch gives you a glimpse into what is possible. It looks like the phone will have a smaller QWERTY keyboard, not unlike the Samsung Propel or Motorola Hint, but the form factor is wholly different.

Given that the Nokia “Swiveler” is powered by Symbian S40, we can safely assume that this is not a touchscreen. As such, any texting or dialing will have to be performed with the QWERTY keyboard exposed. You could probably navigate through the menus without the keyboard though.

Until we hear more from said ninjas, we’ll just have to sit tight and exchange personal conjecture. QWERTY phones are very popular for text messaging enthusiasts, so it’s good to see that another viable (and potentially unique) option is coming down the chute.