Unboxing the M&M Ear Bud Headphones (Video)

Unboxing the M&M Ear Bud Headphones (Video)


When you’ve got money to blow on expensive earphones, you have a lot of options out there in the $100 range. Given the economic climate, such a purchase may not be quite as feasible, so what is a portable music lover to do? Well, Sam Chan took a quick jaunt over to his local London Drugs to discover a set of M&M Ear Bud Headphones on sale for under ten bucks. Naturally, he splurged.

These earphones are fully branded as the candy, complete with the earpieces looking like two little pieces of M&M candy, but the earphones are actually produced by the good people at Maxell. Yes, that makes them a cheaper pair of headphones, but that’s what you should expect for ten bucks.

According to Chan, the noise cancellation on the candy-themed earphones is just as good as the JVC Air Cushion or Skullcandy Smoking Buds. Since those cost about five times as much, I’d say the M&M’s are a pretty good deal. The sound quality is decent, though tinny and a little too much bass, but you do get to choose from five different colors.

Check out the “unripping” video below courtesy of Sam Chan. Maybe I should get some candy for my ears too.