Palm Pre Gets Unexpected Early Release (Sort Of)

Palm Pre Gets Unexpected Early Release (Sort Of)


Until we learn a little more about the new iPhone that’ll be coming in a couple of the months, the most highly anticipated handset we’ll be seeing any time soon has got to be the Palm Pre. We got a pretty good look at the Palm Pre at CES in January, but now it seems that the phone is out in the world, taking pictures and live-blogging on the go.

There are plenty of live pictures of the Pre on the Internet, but these are all at press events and trade show environments. What you see below, however are a couple of random people at some parade who happen to rocking the new touchscreen-equipped handheld. We can’t say for sure, but we’d have to assume that these folks work at either Palm or Sprint.

The adventurous photographer who got these shots managed to chat up the Pre-holders and they told him that they’ve been using the Palm Pre for a couple of weeks ago. They say that they weren’t all that impressed initially, but recent software updates have made the phone much sexier and much more attractive.

So, if Sprint and/or Palm employees are allowed (?) to go outside with these engineering samples, how long will it be until the Palm Pre ends up in the hands of consumers? According to these two very unofficial representatives, that’s going to happen “very soon.” Good stuff.