Getting 25-Hour Battery Life on MSI Wind U115 Netbook

Getting 25-Hour Battery Life on MSI Wind U115 Netbook


And the battle for the longest battery life on a netbook continues. Some netbooks claim battery lives of 9 hours or more, but this one has got to take the cake. By far.

Even though MSI isn’t quite claiming this much life out of their little netbook just yet, was able to get an incredible 25 hours of battery life out of the MSI Wind U115. In fact, the Battery Eater benchmarking test had the netbook rated at about 25 hours and 42 minutes!

The MSI Wind is a hybrid SSD/HDD netbook, so that could explain part of its power-efficiency. The 25-hour achievement was done on a unit with a nine-cell battery and with the netbook sitting on idle. Not surprisingly, this figure drops dramatically if you do just about anything. Earlier this year, LAPTOP got about 10.5 hours with constant web surfing.

Given these two figures, you’d assume that casual web surfing with minimal task load would give you somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 hours of the Wind. That’s a whole day away from a wall outlet!