Video: Glowing Speakers on Kia Soul Thump with the Beat

Video: Glowing Speakers on Kia Soul Thump with the Beat


If you’ve been watching any television this last little while, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered a commercial for the new Kia Soul. This is supposed to the edgy little hatchback from Kia that breathes all sorts of young and hip energy into the otherwise bland brand. Think of it as Kia’s answer to Toyota’s Scion line.

What do the young hip kids of today’s generation want from their cars? If Fast and Furious is any indication, they want plenty of vinyl graphics and flashy lights. At least, that’s what Kia thinks with the Soul. One of the lesser mentioned features on the sporty hatch are the pulsing speakers.

You see, it’s not enough to crank up the Flo Rida as you cruise with your homeys. You want to them to see your music too. The Kia Soul has a series of speakers that are illuminated and this lighting actually pulses with your chosen set of music.

The technology isn’t terribly novel, since “tuners” have had access to pulsing LEDs and neon tubes for years, but this is on the first times that it has been made available as a factory option, especially on a Hyundai Kia.

The lighting comes with three settings: Mood, Music, and On. I’ll let you figure out what those “lifestyle” choices mean.