Shooting Up with Syringe-Shaped USB Drive

Shooting Up with Syringe-Shaped USB Drive


I live in a city with a legal safe injection site, but this newest product from Brando has very little to do with illicit drug use. That said, you could see the clear (no pun intended) connection.

We’ve seen USB flash drives of all shapes and sizes, but this has to be one of the sharpest (horrible pun intended) drives to date. Shaped like a syringe, this USB flash drive is probably not for the squeamish, even if there is no blood or actual injection involved. Well, with the exception of the USB connector injecting into a port on your computer.

The transparent drive gives you full view of the electronic innards and you remove the plunger portion to access the USB connector. I’m not exactly sure how they would do it, but it would have been more fitting if it could use the needle end for that purpose.

If you’re looking for a dash of novelty and 8GB of storage in a handy package, this clear syringe-shaped USB flash drive from Brando just may be what the doctor ordered. Pick it up for thirty bucks.