Video: Galaga Remix for iPhone

Video: Galaga Remix for iPhone


These days, many video games are quite complex and involve increasingly complex control schemes. Capcom claims that Street Fighter IV is more approachable by the casual player, but when you deal with no fewer than three gauges, three levels of focus attacks, and so on, you’ve got yourself a rather complex game. Sometimes, you want a throwback to the days of the simple arcade.

The Apple iPhone is a terrific platform for enjoying some of these simpler games and one of the more recent releases is Galaga Remix, a slightly reworked version of the classic space shooting arcade game. The title includes both the classic Galaga arcade game and an updated version with fresh graphics. The gameplay remains the same across both versions.

The classic game is pretty much what you experienced over 20 years ago with your roll of quarters, but the Remix mode adds power-ups, boss battles, and the ability to save your game. In terms of controls, you can use three virtual buttons, move a slider across the screen, or tilt with the accelerometer.

Galaga Remix is “pretty faithful to the original” and overall, this is a “great game.” Try out the Lite version for free and, should you choose, upgrade to the full version for six bucks.