It Takes $99 to Convert a Notebook to a Tablet PC

It Takes $99 to Convert a Notebook to a Tablet PC


Tablet PCs are utterly fantastic for graphic designers and other creative types, but not all of us want to fork over the big bucks for that kind of thing. As it turns out, it only costs $99… if you take the third-party roundabout accessory route with the good people at Brando.

Using Brando’s special USB-based kit, you can effectively transform just about any laptop into a tablet PC. Sort of. You still won’t be able to do the convertible tablet thing, but you can mimic the touchscreen experience. The Brando SISO Tablo for Laptop consists of a USB dongle that attaches to a webcam-like receiver that mounts to the top of your laptop’s display.

This receiver can then calculate the relative location of the provided special input pen. You won’t be able to use just any stylus, as far as I can tell, but the provided pen will let you tap on the non-touchscreen as if it were a touchscreen. The pen also has buttons for left-click and right-click, so it functions the same way as a mouse.

Compatible with Windows XP and Vista (Mac guys can apply elsewhere), the Brando SISO Tablo for Laptop sells for $99.