$3 a Month Buys You Unlimited North America Calling on iPhone?

$3 a Month Buys You Unlimited North America Calling on iPhone?


Well, when I say North America, I really mean just Canada and the United States, but adding Mexico to the mix doesn’t add that much more money. This is an exploit of sorts, so there’s no saying how long it’ll last before Rogers tries to find a way to crack down on it. Then again, maybe they won’t even notice.

As you may recall, Skype for iPhone was launched in the United States a short while ago, but it came with two very important restrictions. First, it wasn’t made (officially) available to Canadians. Second, it only worked over a Wi-Fi connection and not over a 3G wireless broadband connection. The guru at iPhone in Canada has overcome both of these hurdles.

First, you can download Skype in Canada if you create a free US iTunes account. He also explains how you can use Skype over the 3G network using a jailbroken iPhone. With those things in place, as well as an adequate data plan, you can effectively get unlimited calling to Canada and the United States over Skype on iPhone for $2.95/month.

You see, the Skype subscription only costs that much for unlimited calling to Canada and the United States. After loading Skype for iPhone, you can log into your account and make those calls to any of your contacts. If you don’t plan on talking that much, you can opt for the pay as you go (PAYG) option that charges just two cents a minute. Compare that the the 35 cents that Rogers charges for calls to the States.

The huge caveat, of course, is that Skype (VoIP) can use a lot of wireless data, so make sure that your data plan is adequate. Those with the promotional 6GB plan through Fido or Rogers are probably safe, but proceed at your own risk.